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About Bioethics and Medical Humanities

The fields of Bioethics and Medical Humanities bring together a variety of disciplines – philosophy, history, art, law, anthropology, and literature – to bear on pressing medical issues and challenges that do not always have a scientific solution or explanation. Through this multifaceted approach, the fields of Bioethics and Medical Humanities expand the medical toolkit to better understand and respond to complex issues of illness, technology, and human values.

Medical ethics establishes professional norms, encourages a constant focus on humanity, and brings thoughtful solutions to the challenges of health care and a rich understanding of medicine’s cultural complexity to students, faculty, healthcare clinicians and staff, and the public.

Bioethics and Medical Humanities at Feinberg

The integration of bioethics and medical humanities in Feinberg’s MD curriculum, the MA program, GME training, and continuing clinician education gives practitioners methodological skills for identifying and addressing ethical dilemmas, and reflective skills for delivering empathic patient care. Through innovative research and community engagement Bioethics and Medical Humanities at Feinberg is dedicated to thought leadership in our changing dynamic healthcare environment.

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