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Working with our many collaborators is one way we work toward our vision of getting all patients access to the quality, research-based palliative care they need. Browse below to get to know our collaborators.

International Collaborations

Collaborations with the international community are synergistic endeavors in our mission to implement and improve palliative and end-of-life care throughout the world. The EPEC team has collaborated with healthcare professionals to teach and implement palliative care practices in numerous countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Georgia, Moldova, India, and Saudi Arabia.

Although our efforts to provide critical training and implement effective palliative care strategies are crucial parts of this exchange, these international partnerships also provide valuable insights about the philosophy and practice of palliative care in other cultures and countries.

Additional international collaborators include EPEC Peds Latin America and EPEC Peds Australia/New Zealand.

 EPEC - India

This curriculum meets the specific needs of India on a national and regional level and seeks to synchronize standards of care with the existent medical, sociocultural and legal environments of that country. EPEC - India includes educational materials and media to facilitate the implementation of palliative care in various institutions throughout the country. This portion of EPEC - India was funded by a grant from the Lance Armstrong Foundation with the goal of promoting effective palliative and end-of-life care beyond the national level.

 EPEC in Saudi Arabia

The National Guard Health Affairs and King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences partnered with EPEC in their ongoing effort to improve the care of their patients and to alleviate their suffering. EPEC faculty and EPEC - Oncology master facilitators taught the EPEC - Oncology curriculum to participants from over 13 Middle East countries in May 2010. It is estimated that each of the 150 newly created EPEC trainers will disseminate the EPEC curriculum to numerous colleagues, providing for thousands of newly trained clinicians as a result of this single conference.

 Hospice Uganda

As a part of its long-standing collaboration with Hospice Uganda, EPEC conducted research to assess the feasibility of pilot programs in the areas of daycare and caregiver training and certification in the region of Kampala, Uganda. The results indicated that creating a low-technology, low-skill healthcare economy based on training and certification of family caregivers in palliative care would most likely be welcomed by this population.

Institutional Collaborations

The following have demonstrated an institution-wide commitment to improving palliative and end-of-life care through extensive implementation of EPEC training:

  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Danbury Hospital
  • Odyssey HealthCare
  • Sinai Health System
  • Florida Hospital
  • CHE Trinity Health
  • Advocate Health
  • Asheville
  • Kaiser Permanente

Academic/National Collaborations

We are proud to work with organizations to bring palliative and end-of-life care to populations and environments with special needs. Learn about some of our successes with these academic organizations and societies below.

 The APPEAL Project

The APPEAL Project was developed by African-American experts in palliative care with input from the core EPEC faculty. The APPEAL Project stands apart from other nationally recognized palliative care curricula because, in addition to offering technical expertise, it offers insights about providing palliative care to African-American patients and their families. APPEAL training is offered through the Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life.

 EPEC Roman Catholic

EPEC Roman Catholic is an adaptation of EPEC that was led by Myles Sheehan SJ, MD, an EPEC master facilitator and former dean for medical education at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago. The goal of this project was to adapt the EPEC curriculum for use in healthcare facilities that are affiliated with the Catholic Church.

 EPEC for Geriatrics

EPEC for Geriatrics is an adaptation of EPEC by the Ethics Committee of the American Geriatrics Society. New material includes that which is relevant to palliative care in long-term care facilities, transitions of care and pain assessment in cognitively impaired patients.

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